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Moffitts Media has been developed for farmers interested in a more balanced analysis of the science and ethics associated with food and fibre production in Australia and overseas.

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Patrick Francis, an agricultural scientist who graduated from Melbourne University in1971 has a career embracing the era when chemical based agriculture reached its peak up to around 1995, through to the 2000’s when this dependency has been challenged for failing to embrace the biological fundamentals necessary for soil health, ecosystem services including carbon flows and sequestration, optimum rather than maximum productivity, and greater consumer awareness and concern about inputs and methods involved in food production and animal welfare.

Figure 1: The soil food web. Source USDA NRCS.
Figure 1: The soil food web. Source USDA NRCS.

The web site contain’s Pat’s own analysis of management, marketing and environmental strategies as well as including those of innovative farmers, research scientists and consultants. Some outstanding rural freelance journalists have also agreed to submit articles. What the web site won’t contain is vested interest perspectives from companies, input lobby groups, agri-political organisations, politicians, and research institutions.

What has become increasingly apparent over the last decade is that innovative, holistic orientated farmers are distancing themselves from so called “industry” support organisations in favour of self help and/or association with like minded farmers and consultants.

This site will assist those seeking an independent source of information and compilation of a range of informed opinions on the state of agriculture today.

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