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Welcome to Moffitts Farm, a web site for people looking for a greater understanding of farming in-conjunction with nature to produce quality food and fibre for ethical consumers.

On this site you can explore Moffitts Media for articles on current agricultural affairs or Our Farm to learn from practical experience gained from monitoring of the farm itself. See a list of all articles on the right hand side of the page.

About Us

We are a family running a small farm in Victoria, Australia. Moffitts Farm has been a weekend farm for more than 20 years, although we are spending more time here now. We are passionate about agriculture and environmental science and even whilst working off-farm we have pursued these interests . At Moffitts Farm we aim to join- the -dots about farming practice to demonstrate that it can be undertaken in conjunction with the provision of ecosystem services and animal welfare, which consumers have a right to expect. Our approach is to be inclusive of knowledge, not exclusive, that is we appraise and review all types of farming methods and inputs to give readers an opportunity to build on their own knowledge and attitudes. We have developed information on this website to cater for a range of audiences, from agricultural professionals to those consumers who want to learn about sustainable land management. The site provides information on key issues in Australian agriculture and news about what is happening on our farm.  We are passionate about sustainable farming and we want to share our ideas and experiences with you.

Frequently asked questions

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One thought on “Welcome

  • Adele Richardson

    Do you have any wiltipoll rams for sale? Less than 2 years old.
    Thanks Adele
    No we don’t sell rams. May in the future when we have comprehensive growth and fertility data.


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