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Shedding sheep rams for sale Spring 2023

Moffitts Farm has six Sheep Genetics Australia Lambplan Maternal Carcase Production indexed August/September 2022 drop Wiltipoll rams for sale.

The rams are all in the top 10% of our total 2022 drop lambs based on their Lambplan indexes. All but one are 90 to 100% shedders as lambs. It is difficult to ascertain full shedding genetic trait at six months of age but we contend that all six are likely to be 100% shedders by late spring 2023 as adult rams.

Some of the rams have small scurs which are non-permanent growth from the horn buds. They are not horns and break off from time to time when animals bunt each other.

Wiltipoll bloodlines used in the Moffitts Farm flock have been sourced from Gee Tee (Greg Toll Gunbower Vic), Muskdale (Ray Newman Axedale Vic), and Kars (Annie Hughes, Strathalbyn, South Australia). Exact percentage of each bloodline is available.

Table 1: Ram data. TCP is Terminal Carcase Production index; MCP is Maternal Carcase Production index.

Every animal in the Moffitts Farm flock is performance recorded with full pedigree, growth rate based on actual live weight recorded at birth, lamb marking, lamb weaning and at multiple post weaning weighings. All ewes have full reproduction records and maternal behaviour scores. The latter score rates a ewe on its flight distance from the shepherd when newborn lamb(s) are being checked in the paddock. 95% of Moffitts Farm ewes have MBS of 1 which means the ewe stands no more than 5m apart from the shepherd when its lambs are being checked. The remaining 95% are score 2 which means they do not move more than 20m from the shepherd.

Price is $600 plus GST.

Rams are vaccinated with 6 in 1 and will be drenched with a triple active anthelmintic prior to pick-up. There has been no footrot or lice experienced in the Moffitts Farm Wiltipoll flock since its establishment in 2012.

Contact for more information: Patrick Francis admin@moffittsfarm.com.au

Red 75 10 months old at 25 June 2023

Red 95 10 months old as 25 June 2023

Red 77 10 months old at 25 June 2023

Red 97 10 months old at 25 June 2023

Red 104 10 months old at 25 June 2023

Red 114 10 months old at 25 June 2023

Red 99 10 months old at 25 June 2023

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