Macedon Ranges Shire

Roadkill update: another wombat killed

By Patrick Francis

It is upsetting to report that on 20 June another two wombats, this time a female with joey have been killed at the same Moffats lane Sandy creek bridge adjacent to the riparian zones on Moffitts Farm. The carcase of the first wombat killed at this spot has been laying on the side of the road since 19 May so passing drivers would be aware of the animals. There is also three Wildlife Crossing signs and two Land for Wildlife signs on the 2km Moffats lane alerting drivers that wildlife are likely to cross the road.

This was a particularly heinous roadkill as the female was pushed or dragged 45m under the vehicle from point of impact.

So with no action by Macedon Ranges Shire Council to reduce the default 100km per hour maximum legal speed limit on Moffats lane and adjacent local rural service roads it is likely more wombats, if they exist, that have taken 36 years at least to return to the Sandy Creek biolink will be killed over the next few months.

The Council has been requested to challenge the Department of Transport’s 100km per hour default maximum speed limit for minor rural roads close to towns like Romsey Not only are wildlife being killed on these roads, more pedestrians and cyclists are using them for recreation and to enjoy the opportunity to mix with nature just a couple of kilometers outside the growing town boundary. This maximum speed limit poses a threat to these users as well.

As the population in towns like Romsey grow more new residents are taking to nearby minor rural roads like Moffats lane and Black Range road to exercise and enjoy the local biodiversity and rural environment.

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