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2013 Sheepvention Inventions

Fire fighting pump protected
It’s a small invention which has the opportunity to have a big impact when fighting a fire, it could even be life saving. That’s why the judges at the 2013 Sheepvention Inventions competition gave R F Stewart Major Award for best innovation to Rod Sheppard for his fire fighting pump protector. The simple tube which attaches to a fitting on the spare one inch hose outlet on the pump is fitted with a droplet spray head which spreads a water shield in a 2m diameter around the pump. The tube has a stainless steel filter at the base and can withstand pressure up to 1000 psi. Sheppard says that in emergency fire situations as he faced as a CFA volunteer at Marysville on Black Saturday 2009, pumps on dams or tanks stop working due to the severe heat vaporizing fuel or melting the fuel line or air filters. The pump protector he says will stop this happening. Sheppard is still working on the commercial release of the product and says it will be available before the 2013/14 summer fire season. He estimates it will be priced under $40. Contact: 0400 540 589.
Student inventors shine
It’s the second year the Hamilton Sheepvention Inventions competition has provided a class for local students. Their response at both primary and secondary level has been enthusiastic with 21 entries received. The judges were impressed with both simple solutions to existing problems students have faced, and the more futuristic concepts associated with farming systems. Liam Walsh won the Best Overall Invention with a “farm fencing box”. This is a compartmentalized box made out of a hinged 20 litre plastic drench container. The Best Innovative Idea, and automatic fleece scanning and testing system made in a Leggo model was won by Clancy Wilder. The Best Working Model was the “stationary at hand” chair. Made by Claire Schultz the chair has a rotating wheel underneath the seat which holds all sorts of desk equipment.







Fat score simulator
Assessing fat scores by feeling fat cover over ribs is always open to interpretation. To help farmers provide a more consistent assessment, Bookham NSW farmer Bruce Hazell has made a 1 – 5 fat score simulator using various height concaves on small squares of tin. Each concave simulates the ribs on sheep which have different fat scores. The five small sheets are held together on a ring which makes a handy rattle. Price is $30, contact 02 6227 7202.


Hot wire indicator
A low cost flashing power indicator for hot wires has been released by Gallagher. The instrument only flashes if the fence is reader above 2kw. Some farmers are leaving the units permanently on fences. Price is $29, contact








Volunteers keep judging running smoothly at Sheepvention 2013
Brendan and Brian Clancy (foreground) explain their invention to judges Peter Adamson, Tony Henry and Patrick Francis ( taking the photo) while stewards Gary Gebert and Jeff Nagorcka watch on. The Sheepvention Inventions competition is held on the first Monday and Tuesday in August at Hamilton Show Grounds, go to for details about the 2014 competition.


Shooters aid
A snap onto the door frame with light attachment can help shooters have more success while not damaging the vehicles roof. Zane Dymke, Hamilton Victoria, built the Door Stalker to make shooting more stable and accurate for farmers working on their own. The strap is made to order to fit particular vehicle and can be fitted in seconds. The Door Stalker sells for $220, farmers buy their own spot light. Contact: 0409 590 105.





Flat pack dog kennels Cutting cost of prefabricated dog kennels has been accomplished by a South Australian manufacturer. Paul Ewer, Lucindale Engineering has been manufacturing two bay above ground platform dog kennels for 3.5 years. However, transporting the units was becoming excessively expensive, so he looked at developing flat pack kits. Three flat pack kits would fit in the same container space as one. The flat pack two bay kennel sells for $2000 plus GST versus prefabricated at $2880 plus GST. The kennel takes a few hours to put together. Contact: 0408 835 729,
Elastic side boots easier to put on
It’s an idea that’s a real invention. For many farmers with bad backs who have difficulty bending pulling on elastic sided boots can be difficult. But a new tool designed originally by Dave Anderson and further developed by Brendan Clancy, may solve the problems involved. The Ezy Boot enables a person to stand up straight and simply slide his or her foot into the boot. Made of stainless steel for strength the market for this tool is still being
researched. Clancy is estimating a price below $50. Contact: 0429 389 194
Silage pit filling safety
Filling above ground silage pits can be dangerous for both the cart operators as well as the compactor operators. So Coleraine Victoria silage making contractor Malcolm Munro built his own silage spreader. Based on designs available overseas but not in Australia Munro says his spreader compact the edge of pits helping to ensure operators vehicle will not tip off the sides of the bunk. He also believes the spreader gives greater compaction throughout the bunk meaning higher quality silage. Contact: 03 5579 8513

















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